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  Summer 2014 Board Meeting
  Durango, CO - July 25, 2014

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Summer Board Meeting Minutes (Durango, CO) 
  }  Chapter Meeting Minutes  5/2/14 
}  Spring 2014 Conference Agenda  

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                       May 2, 2014  Chapter Meeting Minutes
2014  Winter Retreat Minutes  1-24-2014  

July 12, 2013  Board of Directors Meeting Minutes                       

April 19, 2013 Board Meeting                                  


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               or in a Chapter Leadership roll. 
Spring 2012 Conference 

Help your community, employer & the general public to be aware of what the Public Works industry provides in our daily lives.  


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  Corporate Support Sponsorships

Gold Level - $600
Supporters will receive 20% discounts on registrations for conferences
     and teleconferences for their employees.  Also Sponsorship includes 1 golfer in our next conference tournament, 
     plus Website and Conference recognition.

Silver Level - $300 Supporters will receive 10% discounts on registrations for conferences and
     teleconferences for their employees.  Also Sponsorship includes website and conference recognition.

Thursday Evening Mixer for one Conference / "Hospitality Hour"  - $500 (limit 2 Sponsorships per Conference) 
      Supporters will be recognized at the Mixer and through-out the Conference.

  Spring 2014 SPONSORS              Spring 2014 Vendors (to date)
                                                          AeroTech Mapping Inc. 
   GOLD LEVEL    ( $600 )                AUI 
    G C C                                            Ennis-Flint

    Huitt-Zollars                                   Interwest Safety Supply
  Rinker - CEMEX                            ADS (Advanced Drainage Systems)
    Smith Engineering                         TLC Plumbing 
    TLC Plumbing & Utilities                Materials Inc
    Bohannan Huston                         G C C (Cement Supplier)
                                                          Baker Utility Supply 
                                                          Landlock Natural Paving

    SILVER LEVEL  ( $250 )              Pavement Sealant & Supply
      Cobb-Findley                              Cobb-Findley 
                                                          IPR (Interstate Pavement Resurfacing) 

Fall 2013   -     SPONSORS

Wilson & Co.   (Fall Hospitality Hour)  $500.00
        Ten Point Sales                           $250.00

FALL 2013 Conference Vendors

    CARDNO TBE                       Baker Utility
     Wilson & Co.                        CobbFinley
         IPR                                      ADS
        A.I.R.                                 Landlock
         AUI                       ABASTO Utility Locating
  Speakers Live Inc

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See our new web page in development at  http://newmexicoeval.apwa.net/

     APWA National has developed a new Web site Template for us to use. 
     Greg Olson and Roger Martinez have been briefed (and briefly trained) on options and features
     for the new site.  Our biggest challenge remains to develop a Chapter Web site that will serve
     the needs of our membership, and also become a "Go To Place" for New Mexico 
     Public Works professionals and staff.  

     We will greatly appreciate your suggestions and input on how to make and keep this web site 
      as an asset for us all.  

      Please eMail your thoughts to Greg Olson at
WeOlsons@yahoo.com or call 505-307-0580.  

       Thanks for your input and support  :o)     


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APWA Lifetime Membership
If you have been an continuous member of APWA for over 20 years and are fully retired, or with APWA for 30 years and still pluggin away, you may be eligible for a Retired or Lifetime Membership, which entitles you to full member benefits, with reduced or waived annual fees and Chapter dues.  More details are available on the APWA National Website.   

The following individuals in the APWA New Mexico Chapter we believe to be Retired or Lifetime Members. 

     Larry A. Blair               Russell Doss          Ormonde Earp
     R. LeRoy Givens        Robert P. Lowe       Gregory R. Olson         
     David V. Owsley         Isaac J. Pino           Thomas J. Stetina

(Please help us update this list if your name belongs here (or if it does not) by emailing
P.O. Box 15996
Rio Rancho, NM 87174-0996

Questions:   Michelle Madrid, Secretary 
Smith Engineering, Albuquerque Office
Telephone: (505) 884-0700


For website related issues, suggestions, or to post articles on our site, contact Greg Olson at weolsons@yahoo.com (include APWA in the Subject line) or call  505-924-3994.
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